How does the DIY Custom Credit Action Plan benefit me?

  • You save thousands of dollars. 
  • Obtain knowledge to succeed in financial stability.
  • Build credit at your pace without the extra cost.
  • Reuse information instead of rehiring credit company if future issues occur on credit reports.
  • Share knowledge with your children and loved ones so that may progress and have economic and lifestyle balance.

How long does it take to see results? How long to build credit completely?

  • Many experience a positive credit score increase within 30-45 days.
  • Everyone should see a significant increase with 90 days (contingent upon applying knowledge consistently.)
  • No one credit report is the same. Depending on how severely damaged an individual has neglected their credit will determine how long it will take to get to the average credit goal of 700-750 score. (some individuals meet goal within 3-6 months. The average timeframe is 8-12 months) 
  • For extremely severe credit between 300-500 score could take 12-18 months of consistent  good financial habits .

What should I do if I need additional credit coaching?

  • Some Packages include email assistance
  • Current clients with Action Plans receive 20% off additional consulting services.
  • The KRG online training membership contains step by step education and tips. Login from anywhere, anytime.
  • Read the Beyond Credit Blogs for additional tips.

Why do I need to know more than disputing inaccuracies?

  • There are many misconceptions in credit restoration.
  • There's a lot of bad information on Social Media platforms as well. (Amateur education)
  • Many do not understand why their score peaks and stagnates at the Mid-High 600's
  • There are specific strategies and leveraging skills needed to master credit and financial goals.

Why should I monitor all 3 credit reports and scores monthly?

  • For your security and confidence.
  • Catch fraud, and inaccuracies immediately.
  • All 3 Bureau reports need to be monitored and maintained to have great credit.
  • Not all inaccuracies report to all bureaus so its best to keep a keen eye on all reports and scores.

I buy everything in cash. Is it necessary for me to care to build credit?

  • You will never know when you have a need for credit. Simple as getting a high paying job. Many companies judge your reliability by your credit score. 
  • You will be prepared to take advantage of investments and other opportunities without exhausting all of your liquid cash.
  • Having great credit is an excellent Leveraging tool to have if used properly.