Your Perfect Credit Journey


Why do I need great Credit?

  • Credit is a direct representation of you. 

  • It is essential if you desire expansion and opportunities to be readily available.  

  • Maintaining great credit conveys that you are trustworthy, responsible and likely a person of good character.  

  • This is how economic stability lead to lifestyle balance and wellness.


How It Works

  • We provide a monthly discount to access all 3 Bureau reports and scores.  Instead of paying $19.95 for 1 Bureau report, you may .

  • A credit expert provides a  detailed Credit Analysis. 

  • We specialize in strategic planning and economic awareness. Our ideal client thrives on education and application.  They take pride in their enhanced economic knowledge. 

  • K. Reigns Group invest time in enhancing the long term financial success of our clients. 




Why Us?

  • Our consultants are highly trained experts  that educate far beyond credit.    

  • We provide custom plans and education to not only build and maintain healthy credit but also provide guidance for wealth building, leveraging skills and overall well-being.

  • We equip our clients for long term success and skills to pass down to their loved ones. (Skills most didn't obtain from traditional education yet is essential to success and stability.)

  • We are not a credit repair company although you will gain excellent credit by working with our highly trained experts. We are an overall wealth and well-being company who happen to be experts of Credit Education and strategies.  We focus on clients who desire to make economic stability and overall well-being a lifestyle change.



How does the Custom Credit Plan benefit me?

  • You save thousands of dollars. 
  • Obtain knowledge to succeed in financial stability.
  • Build credit at your pace without the extra cost.
  • Reuse information instead of rehiring credit company if future issues occur on credit reports.
  • Share knowledge with your children and loved ones so they have a fair advantage in creating economic and lifestyle balance.

How long does it take to see results? How long to build credit completely?

  • It is common for most to experience a 50-100 point score increase within first 90 days. (contingent upon applying knowledge consistently.)
  • Every credit situation is different. If you have 20 derogatory accounts while another person has only a few derogatory accounts, you should expect your score increase to be slower yet consistent.

What should I do if I need additional credit coaching?

  • Some Packages include email assistance
  • The KRG online training membership contains step by step education and tips. Login from anywhere, anytime.
  • Read the Beyond Credit Blogs for additional tips.

Why do I need to know more than disputing inaccuracies?

  • There are many misconceptions in credit restoration.
  • There's a lot of bad information on Social Media platforms as well. (Amateur education)
  • Many do not understand why their score peaks and stagnates at the Mid-High 600's
  • There are specific strategies and leveraging skills needed to master credit and financial goals.

Why should I monitor all 3 credit reports and scores monthly?

  • For your security and confidence.
  • Catch fraud, and inaccuracies immediately.
  • All 3 Bureau reports need to be monitored and maintained to have great credit.
  • Not all inaccuracies report to all bureaus so its best to keep a keen eye on all reports and scores.

I buy everything in cash. Is it necessary for me to build credit?

  • You will never know when you have a need for credit. Simple as getting a high paying job. Many companies judge your reliability by your credit score. 
  • You will be prepared to take advantage of investments and other opportunities without exhausting all of your liquid cash.
  • Having great credit is an excellent Leveraging tool to have if used properly.
  • You may be able to buy a home Cash but if there's a need to rent an apartment you will need credit. Most Apartment communities will not accept advance cash payments for legal reasons.